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Love Mica? We do. Therefore we have searched all across the globe to bring (and make) some of the coolest Mica Centric products on the planet!

While continues to focus on small batch, boutique style, colors and all things shiny; MicaCandy is our new branch focusing SPECIFICALLY on mica related items. From Sheet Mica paper, to Mica appliqués; the MicaCandy team will bring you the coolest stuff we can come up with!

You will still be able to get small amounts of all the MicaCandy items on EpoxyCandy, but for those who need more to do a LARGE project, we have all of these items off site in bulk pricing and large quantities.

Need Large, sheets of Mica Paper (approximately 38"38")  Need larger containers of Bulk Flake? How about a special color of Mica Flake in bulk? we can make it for you!

If you said yes to any of that then please contact our AMAZING sales representative directly!  Click here!


Below is all of our Wonderful EpoxyCandy/MicaCandy Mica products listed on one page.

All things Mica!

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