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**** Raw unprocessed Muscovite chunks**** 4oz (120gram) bag  These things are mammouth! Splittable CHUNKS from about 2"-7" in diameter. These chunks are more translucent the more you split them. Natural muscovite looks dark silver/ black/brown when left thick  and can look more grey silver/green when split thin. They are mineral stained with rust and black colors. These Mica Flakes will make a statement for any project, especially for your epoxy resin with the look of gem stones and/or precious metals.  These unique chunk/ flakes are derived from a group of  minerals called mica, which include muscovite, phlogopite, biotite, clintonite, and others. Splittings are not yet  milled into the appropriate size for decorative art form you get to break them into the sizes you like. These unique pieces  provide a natural metallic luster that cannot be achieved with other engineered minerals. The flake is provided in resealable plastic bags.Sizing is random, we package from weight.Settling and breakage may occur in packaging, but should be expected. 

F0 Mineral Stained Muscovite

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  • Do not ingest or inhale.  Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear appropriate PPE dependant on individual application and personal sensitivity.

  • To get you the best quality at the best price, the flake is provided in resealable plastic bags. To order in retail packaged jar please send us a message, as that is special order and incurs a $3 additional per item charge.

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