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  The EpoxyCandy SuperLEAF line is a liquid gold leaf medium modified and handcrafted for use as an epoxy color system. SuperLEAF was created to incorporate vibrant unmatched color intensity with luscious sparkle and shimmer for your metallic needs.

  We took highly intense, permanent, solvent based leafing medium with a consistency close to lacquer and made it compatible with epoxy resin. Designed for combining with epoxy resin to have the lowest chemical reactions. Lightfast, waterproof, archival grade color made from the finest ground pigments and metals. 


  These colors produce varying degrees of transparency depending on concentration. We suggest drops manipulated ON TOP of your wet epoxy resin as a starting point. Alternatively, you can apply the color into the mixed epoxy. Be sure to stir immediately for best results. Less is more if you are looking to depth of color. Use in epoxy or on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, paper, plaster or plastic; Ideal for mixing, spraying, brushing, and staining.

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