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Who is EpoxyCandy?


We are a family owned and operated business. We like to laugh, create, have fun, but more importantly make sure it all looks amazing. We have strong work/play ethics. We work extremely hard creating the finest quality epoxy accessories for you, so we will be your one stop shop for all of your epoxy accessory needs.


Our boutique line of epoxy accessories are hand-crafted to tell a story—your story—through color, texture, movement, and depth. We design unforgettable, picturesque mediums that pop with vibrancy and life. We pride ourselves on our care, both for our product and our clients. We feel the buying experience should be fun and easy. The best part? We make it all here in the United States, one color at a time. We’re setting a new standard in boutique manufacturing for the epoxy industry.

EpoxyCandy has all the sweet stuff for you and your epoxy.

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