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SuperTINT is a liquid epoxy colorant that incorporates fully making it easy to achieve the perfect ratio of color translucency/opacity.


This tint is opaque.


Large 30 ml bottle (able to tint up to 100oz of epoxy)


  • Lightfast UV stable.

  • Solvent-based (epoxy safe)

  • Excellent for cell creations.

  • Precision Tip for easy (clean) application.

  • Agitating stone to assist with shaking colors.


We suggest 1-2 drops to 2 oz. of mixed epoxy resin for a great starting point. Increase drops to decrease transparency. Do not exceed 10 drops per ounce.


Introduce superTINT into the mixed epoxy and stir immediately for best results.


Compatible with Table top, countertop, casting, flooring, wall, art and crafting epoxy.

T63 Surf BLUE

SKU: T63-30
  • Due to different colors weighing different amounts, we elected to package by bottle size and not by weight. The weight listed is an average weight for that size container. We always fill to the suggested gram weight or to the top of the bottle (which ever comes first).

  • Do not ingest. Wear proper PPE and read appropriate Data Sheets.

    All brands of epoxy could react differently. Color to epoxy ratio is a suggestion and not a rule. It is suggested to test small batch for compatibility with your resin and EpoxyCandy colorants before use on your project.

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