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Micron particle size 1-5 µm = low lustre, High hiding power.

superfine powder requires more mixing to disperse

Fluorescent Powder Pigments are highly concentrated neon colorants. When added to epoxy resin they produce a vibrant color and react under blacklight and UV.



Depending amount applied, the powder produces varying degrees of transparency, vibrancy depth.  Test a small batch to find the ratio that works best with your specific brand resin. EpoxyCandy packages in two convenient sizes, 10-gram and 25-gram bags for easy shipping.

For typical resin art applications, we recommend the addition of approximately 1g metallic powder pigment to 3 oz. of Epoxy Resin

Settling may occur in packaging.

MKFD26 Florescent Bright Red

PriceFrom $6.75
  • To get you the best quality at the best price, the Metallic Powders are provided in resealable plastic bags. To order in retail packaged jar please send us a message, as that is special order and incurs a $3 additional per item charge.

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