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EpoxyStain uses the chemistry of the the epoxy to react with natural minerals in the stain when you apply heat. This process requires the EpoxySTAIN to be applied to the top of wet epoxy resin. Apply heat from either a torch or high temp heat gun to manipulate results.  The Chemical reaction can be seen in the video below. 

Please note: this process will require a top coat of epoxy afterwards to get a smooth as glass finish as the reaction may cause a flash cure on the stain when you apply heat.


ALWAYS wear proper protection when working with epoxy and Reactive stains when using heat. The stains can give off a smell when 

Sold in a 30ml bottles

ES04 Petrified Brown

SKU: ES-04
  • Due to different colors weighing different amounts, we elected to package by bottle size and not by weight. The weight listed is an average weight for that size container. We always fill to the suggested gram weight or to the top of the bottle (which ever comes first).

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