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20gram Bag


Beautiful gloss black color. These unique flakes are derived from a polyester blend mylar. The shape and size is a 1/4" random cut with no pattern. You will find synthetic mica flakes produce more vivid colors and are brighter than than naturally occurring mica. Synthetic mica does not fade in resin. Synthetic Mica is VERY lightweight compared to Authentic Mica. Depending on viscosity of your epoxy resin, some flakes may float to the top.

F19 Black Synthetic Flake

SKU: F19
$8.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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  • Do not ingest flakes. Wear appropriate PPE depending on individual application and personal sensitivity.

  • To get you the best quality at the best price, the flake is provided in resealable plastic bags. To order in retail packaged jar please send us a message, as that is special order and incurs a $3 additional per item charge.

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