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AM016 produces a color shifting effect from purple/pink to blue/green in reflected light. The colors are most dominant on dark black surfaces. AM016 has larger particle shimmer with a lot of glitter sparkle. This color is similar to the twin sister color, AM017 Mystic Sunrise, which has a smaller particle size with more even luster and the same color combination.


These luminousfast-dryingdye-free MIXERS are specifically formulated to create metallic highlights when used on their own on epoxy resin art or combined with any brand Alcohol Inks. Designed specifically to be used on top of wet epoxy, you can also use them on virtually any surfaces such as light or dark glossy paper, glass, and other slick surfaces to really see your work pop.  


  • 19 ml bottles with safety caps.
  • Use a small amount creates dramatic effects.
  • Precision applicator tip.
  • Agitating stone for easier mixing
  • Shake well before use. 



* Color Chart Note — Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens.

AM016 Mermaid Envy

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  • Due to different colors weighing different amounts, we elected to package by bottle size and not by weight. The weight listed is an average weight for that size container. We always fill to the suggested gram weight or to the top of the bottle (which ever comes first).