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This ShimmerINK is Semi-Translucent


ShimmerINK colors are hand-crafted, highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks with the perfect amount of coordinating shimmer.

Designed around epoxy resin. Only the most lightfast hybrid dye/pigment and pure mica have been selected for the series.


This bottle is a large 30 ml size.



  • Acid free
  • Lightfast Colors (tested in a laboratory setting)
  • Multi-Surface Inks Designed Around Epoxy
  • Translucent and Semi-Opaque Colors Available
  • Unparalleled vibrancy and sparkle
  • Coordinating shimmer in every color
  • Sold in dropper bottles for easy (clean) application.
  • Every bottle has an agitating stone for easy mixing of solids before each use
  • Available in over 50 different colors



Depending amount applied, the inks produce varying degrees of transparency and vibrancy. We find 1 drop on the surface of mixed epoxy resin is a great starting point. EpoxyCandy does not recommend using the ink to tint your batch of epoxy resin. ShimmerINKs have high solids content, therefore require a setting agent to seal the color. If the product is used in epoxy, no setting agent/sealer is needed.

A10 BLACK Licorice

SKU: A10-30