This ShimmerINK is Semi-Translucent


ShimmerINK colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks with the perfect amount of Shimmer.

Designed around epoxy resin. Only the most lightfast hybrid dye/pigment and pure mica have been selected for the series.


This bottle is a large 30 ml size.


  • Acid free
  • Lightfast Colors
  • Multi-Surface Inks Designed around Epoxy
  • Translucent and Semi-Opaque Colors
  • Unparalleled vibrancy and sparkle
  • Coordinating Shimmer in every Color
  • Sold in dropper bottles for easy (Clean) application.
  • Every bottle has an agitating stone for easy mixing of solids before each use
  • Available in over 70 different colors



Depending amount applied, the inks produce varying degrees of transparency and vibrancy. We find 1 drop on the surface of mixed epoxy resin is a great starting point. EpoxyCandy does not recommend using the ink to tint your batch of epoxy resin. ShimmerINKs have high solids content, therefore require a setting agent to seal the color. If the product is used in epoxy, no setting agent/sealer is needed.

A08 BLUE Oasis

SKU: A08-30
  • Due to different colors weighing different amounts, we elected to Package by bottle size and not by weight. The weight listed is an average weight for that size container. We always fill to the suggested gram weight or to the top of the bottle (which ever comes first).