Lets face it, some powder colors are difficult to work with because of how messy they can be if they get airborne.

Some powders are difficult due to the ultra small micron size. Making it hard to ensure you have all the powder mixed into epoxy without any specks or clumps.

      The process of making WetPOWDER increases ease of mixing. It literally melts into epoxy. There is zero dust that is normally associated with these ultra fine powders. WetPOWDER yields more coverage with less product as it helps dispersion and suspension in epoxy resin.

        At EpoxyCandy, we have developed a way to combine the technology from several of our product processes to create WetPOWDER.  It is not a paste, it is not like other brands who just add "Part A resin" into a jar with a little color. It will not turn to a rock causing you to jump through hoops microwaving and boiling water just to use a product.. Our Pure Metal collection is Double "Oooh my" Beautiful. We took the dusty negative side effects of working with bronze, silver, gold leaf powders and created a solution that makes them suspend while in epoxy or float to the top when you apply just a little heat.

     The Solvent solution used in WetPOWDER is Ultra low VOC, and cleans up with soap and water.

This will be available as a "beta test" in limited supply. We are still working on a cool innovative way to dispense the product other than the dreaded jar to help keep shipping logistics to a minimum and give you more product for your money.

Normally Sold in 25gram size squeeze bags, but we have been working one a new container concept that has held up the launch of this product line.

We do not want to delay anymore. This current batch comes to you as a"Beta Test" product in 40gram packages. All that means is you get WetPOWDER product in a different container that will eventually change.  For now, you get more product in a temporary solution.

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