The EpoxyCandy ShimmerTINT line is a handcrafted liquid epoxy color system created to incorporate vibrant colors with luscious sparkle and shimmer. It was designed with the sole purpose of being combined with epoxy; having the least impact on the chemical reactions happening in your epoxy resin.  There is NEVER a waterborne paint or colorant added to ShimmerTINT. Every color is crafted in small batches in the back room of our studio focusing on the attention to detail that makes our colors so unique.

The first in the Series of ShimmerTINTs is LOADED with ground up Swarovski crystal into dust, blended with a hybrid of dyes and pigments to create a color with depth and suspension.


ShimmerTINTs are sold in convenient 30grams dropper bottle with agitating stone inside for easy shaking and easy (clean) application.

These colors produce varying degrees of transparency depending on concentrations. We suggest 1-2 drop to 2 oz. of mixed epoxy resin is a great starting point. Apply the color into the mixed epoxy and start stirring immediately for best results. This truly is a less is more product if you are looking to depth of color.


This Tint is Semi-Translucent.



T214 Blue Emerald Bliss

SKU: T214-30
  • Due to different colors weighing different amounts, we elected to package by bottle size and not by weight. The weight listed is an average weight for that size container. We always fill to the suggested gram weight or to the top of the bottle (which ever comes first).